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Founded in 1990 by Dr. Refaat Abu elasaad. The law firm has achieved a record of success and growth that today makes it one of the most distinguished law Firms in Egypt and Middle East.we are keen to maintain the active role of attorneys that is embodied in using all possible communication means for the full understanding of our clients’ needs and we work hard to cope with the quick developments and economic rapid changes that need instant legal advice that must cope with the quick-paced modern age.

Therefore, Abu elasaad Law Firm provides legal services to a broad, regional and premium local clients. and pursues all cases in the Egyptian courts to recognize full legal protection for its clients, with the help of legal experts, who endeavor to provide clients with the most effective and convenient means of legal consulta- tion, advice and solution.

This is done in an effective way that meets interests and needs of our clients perfectly covering individuals, companies, institutions, agencies in different domains.


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